Meet Your Hosts

At Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, we strive to offer our guests a premium experience, whether they are visiting us for an extended stay or they are out for a night of fun and excitement. Whatever your specific needs, our Player Development department is here to assist you.

Our hosts are available at all times, to qualified players, to cater to your needs. They will provide assistance to make your experience better, or connect you with complimentary meals, drinks, tickets and other perks reserved for our loyal guests.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service to each and every player.

A Host's Role

The job of a casino host is to cultivate relationships with players who will become loyal patrons to Dover Downs Hotel & Casino. Our casino hosts have the authority to issue complimentaries (comps) to players (all offers are based on play), including meals, show tickets and hotel rooms. We want your stay to be as enjoyable as possible, and our hosts are committed to ensuring that you have a great time — and that you want to come back repeatedly.

All offers are subject to availability and based on individual play. Follow the links below to find contact information for our team of hosts. You can also call our main phone line at 302-674-4600 (local) and 800-711-5882 (toll-free) to connect with one of our team members.

Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown
Phone: 302-857-3734
Cell: 302-363-6991

Pat Carroll

Pat Carroll
Phone: 302-857-3792
Cell: 302-670-0108

Adriana Robles

Adriana Dukes
Phone: 302-857-3736
Cell: 302-359-5941

Rita Choi

Rita Choi
Phone: 302-857-3763
Cell: 302-363-7161

Grim Baines

Grim Baines
Phone: 302-857-3754
Cell: 302-359-1929

Lisa Robinson

Lisa Robinson
Phone: 302-857-3760
Cell: 302-450-2169

Christina Derr

Christina Dinh
Phone: 302-857-3784
Cell: 302-670-0437

Robert Derr

Robert Derr
Phone: 302-674-3762
Cell: 856-994-8280

Andy Chau

Andy Chau
Phone: 302-857-3783
Cell: 609-457-2819

The Dover Downs Hotel & Casino Capital Club

One of the many ways our hosts can help make your experience more enjoyable is by enrolling you in the Dover Downs Hotel & Casino Capital Club, our exclusive rewards program for frequent guests and other VIPs. As a club member, you earn points with every dollar you spend at our slot machines, poker tables and other games. The more points you earn, the more perks you win. Speak to one of our hosts and start earning points today!

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